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When it comes to Door Supervisors we understand the impact they have on your business. We know the importance of first impressions.
We invest much of our time and resources into our personnel so that they can provide you with the best service possible. Offering much more than the stereotypical ‘’Bouncer’’ Our Door Supervisors take a proactive and professional approach so you get the results you want. Whether you’re a licensed club, bar or pub, our exceptional Door Supervisors will take pride in upholding the licensing objectives and ensuring your venue and customers are safe.
We work to only the highest standards and want to know that the security personnel we’re supplying are more than capable of handling any situation presented to them. This is exactly why we want to maximize the potential of all our Door Supervisors to ensure you get a better service. From First Aid training to customer service and equality and diversity to a presentable appearance we know that it’s not just us they’re representing but you too.


When it comes to event security, Active Security Solutions offer only the best. With experienced SIA licensed door supervisors or close protection, you can rest easy in ensuring that your event is in good hands.
Our security personnel offer a variety of skills favored in event security, including:
  • Customer service
  • Equality and diversity
  • Crowd control
  • Emergency evacuation procedures
  • Liaising with police and event organisers
  • First aid
  • Searching
From preparing the deployment plan to executing the dispersal procedure, our security personnel will be there from start to finish ensuring your event stays secure throughout.


Active Security Solutions offer proactive and professional retail security officers with specific assignment instructions tailored towards the customers needs. Our security officers help to protect valuable assets and prevent crime.

In this day and age threats are becoming more and more sophisticated. There’s never been a more important time to consider your retail security requirements. With loss or damage to property, anti-social behavior and organised crime all being named as contributing factors to retail crime in the UK, reports have found that customer theft accounts for up to 81% of all retail crime.


Reducing your chances of becoming victim to theft, Store Detectives can seamlessly integrate themselves onto your store floor and be the much needed eyes and ears of your business. Understanding that you simply don’t have the time to monitor every single customer, we can implement the following services to allow you to continue with business as usual:
  • Reduce stock theft
  • Detect and arrest shoplifters
  • Carry out end of day staff searches
  • Provide undercover detectives to blend in with your floor
  • Monitor your staff
  • Ensure appropriate till usage
  • Carry out statements, interviews and investigations

Moving around your floor undetectable our store detectives will blend in as just another customer, whilst keeping a close eye on any suspects. Trained in conflict management, should the time come to make an arrest our personnel will do so in an efficient, subtle manner without drawing any unnecessary attention to your store.


Active Security Solutions offer a wedding security service which combines high levels of protection with discretion. With highly qualified security officers we will ensure that your guests and venue stay safe and secure.
All it takes is one unwelcome guest or one alcohol fueled altercation to ruin your special day. With so much to worry about beforehand, stress should be the last thing on your mind on your wedding day, so allow our Active Security personnel to make yours and your guests’ welfare our priority so you can start celebrating your marriage.
So say ‘I do’ to Active Security Solutions.


Our General Purpose dog teams provide a highly visual deterrent cutting the need of man power of static guards. 

Our GP dogs are trained in building searches, find and locate, article search and handler protection, giving the ultimate proactive and professional team for your business, event or festival.


Our Static Security guards can be deployed to any situation including:
  • Events & Festivals
  • Car Parks
  • Industrial Sites / Business Estates
  • Factories/Warehouses/Offices
  • Construction Sites
We use our own unique method to record patrols and includes a GPS location sign on and Sign off for our Static Security Guards for your peace of mind. Once the shift is complete the patrol report can then be emailed to the client as a PDF daily, weekly or monthly.

07429 153 502

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